Essentials of a Flexible Supply Chain that Evolves at the Speed of Business

It’s not uncommon to see employees sipping a cuppa to release their stress at work. But what happens if robots become co-workers? Is that a cause for concern? Not really! According to a Gartner study, by 2023, over 30% of operational warehouse workers will be supplemented, not replaced, by collaborative robots. 

Enterprises across verticals are battling to enter the right market with the right product at the right time. Though it looks more like a demand-supply synchronization task, there’s a lot more at stake. Achieving high performance at every stage of the supply chain is an arduous task. This calls for a heightened degree of efficiency in business operations across all key functions and stakeholders.

Plus, it demands the expertise to adapt quickly to the changes in the market place that’s now being increasingly influenced by new business models and newer technologies.

Intelligent Supply Chains Maximize Throughput
Businesses are expecting more from their supply chains, and doing their bit to maximize its possibilities. Changing customer expectations and competitive pressure creates the need to be more flexible, innovative and cost effective. It’s also obvious that the number of products being rolled out is increasing by the day, and the time to market is shrinking. So, these businesses expect their supply chain to deliver the best possible results, while being aligned to their customer service and business expansion plans. 

Essentials of an Intelligent Supply Chain Strategy

The task of every supply chain is to deliver transformative results to the business, while exceeding expectations of its customers. This can be done only by responding positively to the digital disruptions that are happening in the market place. From an operational standpoint, it’s about optimizing assets, reducing lead times, streamlining processes and collaborating with suppliers.

The choice of the right technology partner definitely plays a critical role in making the transformation happen. Vertical experience, domain knowledge and the standard of alliances form the basis for choosing a partner, but the portfolio of services offered by them is equally important.  Furnished below are some of the essentials to consider.   

  • Design and optimization of network, inventory and transport plus post-merger SC asset rationalization. This also helps businesses validate the strategic, tactical and operational plans of the supply chain.
  • Planning of demand, supply and production aimed at achieving source-to-pay and manufacturing excellence. This is done by analyzing of existing processes, gauging business-IT alignment and benchmarking KPIs for process improvement.
  • Execution for effective management of transport, warehouse, dealers and global trade. This minimizes complexities resulting from high inventory and operational/compliance costs.
  • Advanced analytics for data-driven decision making; spans logistics and robotics, aside from spend, factory and predictive analytics. The insights are drawn from multiple sources.

The ITC Infotech Advantage

As a global technology solutions provider, ITC Infotech combines its deep domain experience, consulting-led solutions, ROI-driven models and global presence to deliver the right solutions to businesses across industries. Our end-to-end services are designed to create supply chains that are agile, intelligent and intuitive. Leveraging best practices, leading-edge technology and an Industry 4.0 framework, we aim to maximize throughput and help businesses realize high performance in new and existing markets. 

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