Digital Engineering: Model-Based Enterprise Solutions

Intent is often stifled under interpretation, taking a great deal away from innovations that, otherwise, can potentially cause a disruption. This is the story of every manufacturing organization that fails to see value in model-based enterprise solutions. According to one estimate, “The overall model-based enterprise market is expected to reach USD 21.3 billion by 2023 from USD 8.1 billion in 2018.” The statistic stands evidence to the path that the manufacturing sector is currently taking and rightly so.

The Need to Adopt Model-Based Enterprise Solutions

Traditionally, manufacturing engineering has relied upon design systems that are entirely paper based. Each 2D drawing only displays one annotated part of the product, which means hundreds of such documents have to be produced leading up to (and during) the manufacturing process. The sheer number of drawings poses a collaboration challenge and pushes the cost up, not to mention hampering the speed to market. While these are big concerns, the biggest one is misinterpretation of the designers’ intent by manufacturing professionals. Model-based enterprise solutions help tackle these challenges.

How Model-Based Enterprise Solutions Drive Efficiency

The primary objective of a model-based enterprise solution is to give a clear picture of the design intent to all parties involved in the manufacturing process. It makes use of 3D CAD designs to achieve this. Unlike 2D models, 3D models make version control and collaboration a breeze as they are in a digital format and can be shared and iterated easily. All information encompassed in an engineering drawing such as dimensions, geometries, material to be used, tolerances of those materials, assembly fit and the like can be incorporated in the CAD design.

The fact that the 3D CAD designs act a single source of truth eliminates the need for rework and consequently the scrap, bringing down the production costs and reducing the time to market drastically. Test simulations are possible and it paves the path for better designs and improved products, allowing businesses to maintain a competitive edge.

The Business Benefits in a Nutshell

The 3D CAD models that form the core of model-based enterprise solutions bring to the table an array of benefits:

  • Ability to perform design revisions
  • Cut down of design and manufacturing engineering effort
  • Facilitation of rapid prototyping and engineering analysis directly from 3D models
  • A common source of engineering drawing across the enterprise to drive quality
  • Technical manual generation directly from the data present in the 3D model
  • Reduced need for prototyping owing to 3D models and assemblies in the virtual environment
  • Effective configuration management

As 2D models are becoming increasingly redundant, model-based enterprise solutions – with their efficiency in design, visualization, simulation, and analysis – are the way forward.

The ITC Infotech Advantage

ITC Infotech’s extensive experience in offering model-based enterprise solutions for some of the biggest names in sectors such as oil and gas makes it the ideal partner for your engineering process transformation. Our business and technology led consulting approach is the perfect fit for organizations looking to transform their legacy business operations. Companies in sectors such as retail, construction, automotive, and airlines can leverage our solutions to drive efficiency and bring about a competitive edge by streamlining their design methodology.

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