Digital Manufacturing Overview

Reimagine the future of manufacturing product and process for your enterprise, with ITC Infotech’s Industry 4.0 solutions and leverage the power of edge analytics and cloud. The advancements in Industry 4.0 and the confluence of disruptive technologies are transforming the manufacturing industry – with machines becoming intelligent, self-healing & digitally managed. Plants are becoming dynamic, data-driven and supply chain & operations are getting augmented by advanced analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR). This transformation is creating profound opportunities for traditional manufacturing companies – by disintermediating value chains, driving operational efficiency and transforming products into services.

ITC Infotech brings the right blend of industry & domain expertise and capabilities, enabling remote and autonomous operations for manufacturing organizations.

Industry Solutions

MES Xpress

MES Xpress, built on Dassault Systémes DELMIA® applications, can be swiftly implemented and can improve time-to-value for core manufacturing processes.


SPECTRUM for Smart Manufacturing

A comprehensive cloud based solution that provides 360° view of the plant operations across geographies thus providing insights to manufacturers on production, supply visibility, product inconsistencies, material waste, and compliance to environment & sustainability.


Factory Performance Intelligence

Factory Performance Intelligence solution provides real-time visibility of plant performance including major productivity loss reasons, that enables operational excellence initiatives on factory shop floor


Digital Work Instructions

DWI solution helps manufacturing organizations move to paperless shopfloor operations by enabling workflows for operator through visually intuitive instructions thereby increasing operator efficiency, reducing defects, and improving product quality.


Quality Insights @Edge

Quality Insights by ITC Infotech uses computer vision @Edge to provide real-time insights on anomalies in product quality as part of the manufacturing process which increases accuracy in quality inspection and decreases inspection time.


INSIGHT for Cognitive Manufacturing

ITC Infotech’s INSIGHT solution related to assets, quality, process and sustainability help clients with asset health prediction, yield optimization, production efficiency improvement and driving sustainability initiatives using advanced analytics capabilities



Digital Twin

ITC Infotech Digital Twin offering enables the power of real-time insights and predictive analytics, optimizing efficiency, reducing downtime, and boosting productivity. It includes the digital twin of an asset, production line and process that enables visualization of the process flow and identify the bottlenecks in real time and simulate changes before deployment.

OT Cyber Security

OT Cyber Security solutions caters to the cybersecurity controls of OT network to identify and eliminate risks, threats, and vulnerabilities in accordance with ISA 62443 security standards. IT – OT convergence for secure OT network and Edge devices protection, thus ensuring a secure movement of manufacturing workloads & data to cloud.

Additive Manufacturing

Create complex, customized designs with precision and speed using Additive Manufacturing solutions from ITC Infotech. Our use cases are focused on reducing waste, faster prototyping and streamlined production while saving time and cost while delivering unmatched quality.

Success Stories

ITC Infotech empowers CPG companies with multiple solutions to improve productivity, manage inventory, and reduce operational expenses. The current situation has impacted the CPG industry at various business levels, from raw material sourcing to quality management. ITC Infotech comes with unparallel domain knowledge, being part of ITC Ltd.

ITC Infotech has helped various leading manufacturing companies across domains and geographies to achieve their business goals. Our solutions are carefully customized to help manufacturing companies track assets in real-time, perform predictive maintenance and bring operational efficiency gains across the value chain.

ITC Infotech develops and deploys Industry 4.0 solutions and digital technologies for asset intensive industry like Oil & Gas, considering hazardous operating environment for worker safety, asset & operational efficiency improvement.

ITC Infotech brings in strategy and consulting in Lifesciences domain by enabling Industry 4.0 solutions throughout the value chain to realize benefits with supply chain process improvement, real-time tracking & proactive shopfloor equipment maintenance and improvement of drug manufacturing process


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