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The age of continuous intelligence is here, and many leading organizations are following an insights-driven strategy to drive competitive differentiation and unlock new value. CXOs are viewing insights as a core enabler for decision making. Additionally, there is a need for continuous intelligence and a flexible, agile, scalable, reliable and future ready data ecosystem. Lower costs in terms of time to insights and cost per insights will help organizations derive maximum benefits and effectively deliver value at cost.

Our data and analytics practice is helping organizations build algorithmic-driven next gen platforms of intelligence which are business friendly. Using our functional, industry domain and technical capabilities and pre-built accelerators we help accelerate value realization. Our data science capabilities help us embed AI/ML models in the Platforms of Intelligence to drive continuous value and intelligence. We are powering all our data and analytics and platform build capabilities with intelligent cloud services for scalability, flexibility and speed to market.


Outcome-linked proposition with a long-term OPEX model

Pre-built functional assets especially in B2C industries to accelerate problem/ scope discovery, data ingestion and analytics

Strategic partnerships for plug and play to accelerate the analytics journey

Structured implementation approach for predictable solution delivery and deployment


Here’s how ITC Infotech can help you accelerate your analytics journey

Next-gen Data Strategy

Domain consulting-led approach with value-led rapid experimentation to define the analytics roadmap

Intelligence Platform

Adopt business analytics frameworks to derive insights on consumers, customers, partners and operations

Data Lake

Build use case-based data lake as the data foundation for intelligence platforms

Data Modernization

Migrate data ecosystem to cloud to enable scalability, next-gen analytics capabilities and real-time access

Data Science and Analytics

Build AI & ML models to derive predictive insights or automate actions

Data Operations

Manage platforms of intelligence and the data ecosystem to ensure quality, reliability and continuity of data

AI/ML-led Innovation

Rapid experimentation on industry-specific use cases to build next generation ecosystem powered by AI/ML

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