Ensuring employee wellbeing & business continuity during the
COVID-19 crisis

In these challenging times, we are focusing on supporting the continued well-being and safety of our employees, our customers, and our partners. Globally, multiple national and local authorities have issued orders asking people to remain at home to limit community transmission of COVID-19. We, at ITC Infotech, wholeheartedly support these initiatives, and accordingly, we have swiftly created an enabling environment for our employees to stay productive, in line with our core philosophy of Employee Centricity, Client Centricity & Operational Excellence.

Having set a solid foundation by creating an enabling environment for our teams to continue being productive and by constantly keeping our clients updated on the progress we are making – we are set on the right path. We are working on ensuring no productivity decays seep in, teams stay connected and continue to collaborate effectively and we deliver on client commitments with excellence.

In addition to the company’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP), ITC Infotech has also created Account Level Continuity Plans (ALCPs), which has been discussed with our clients. Additional IT Security & Privacy protocols have been put in place, in view of the work from home (WFH) environment.

Different project teams are collaborating with clients on engagements, with regular updates to track progress and ensure delivery excellence, despite the challenging circumstances.

As custodians of our client commitments, ITC Infotech is partnering with clients to help resolve their business challenges, so as to come out of this crisis stronger.

Effective Tuesday, March 23, 2020, 99% of ITC Infotech employees have been enabled to work remotely, while only those identified as part of mission-critical & client-critical projects continue to operate from our office premises.

In line with our philosophy of Employee Centricity, the company has launched a ‘Crisis Communication’ app and a ‘Fight Karo Na’ App. These apps have been developed to keep employees updated on the latest developments at ITC Infotech, provide a comprehensive repository of guidelines as they work remotely, and give access to reliable sources of information on COVID-19 risk assessment. Through ITC Infotech’s “Fight Karo Na” App, employees can also raise and track requests, view alerts, and connect with SPOCs from different departments for any assistance they might require.

Additionally, employees have been informed on the protocols to be followed in different scenarios. Each team has been assigned a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) anchor, who will guide the team, along with the respective department heads.

We also continue to be in touch with local authorities to ensure ITC Infotech employees working in global locations are not stranded and do not face any visa or financial challenges. All domestic and international travels have been restricted, in line with advisories issued by local authorities.

The leadership team at ITC Infotech is monitoring the developments closely. As part of the employee wellbeing and business continuity plan (BCP), ITC Infotech has created a War Room through which the executive leadership team at ITC Infotech is constantly reviewing developments across multiple parameters.

The leadership team has also been interacting with various industry bodies and experts to stay updated on the global developments and respond efficiently to this unprecedented challenge.

We hope you all are safe and healthy.


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