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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Modern Slavery Act Statement

Financial Statements – 31st March, 2019

ITC Infotech India Limited

ITC Infotech Limited

ITC Infotech (USA), Inc.

Indivate Inc.

Form MGT – 9 – Financial Year 2018-19

Remuneration Policy

  • ITC Infotech Ltd., UK
  • ITC Infotech (USA) Inc.
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Tax Strategy

Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

ITC Infotech Ltd (ITC Infotech UK) is a company incorporated in the United Kingdom. ITC Infotech UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of ITC Infotech India Limited (ITC Infotech India). The materials uploaded in this section of the website relate to ITC Infotech UK. ITC Infotech India has granted permission to ITC Infotech UK to upload such material relating to ITC Infotech UK on this website. ITC Infotech India takes no direct or indirect responsibility and bears no liability direct or indirect for such materials uploaded in this section by ITC Infotech UK.

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