SaaS for Design and Manufacturing environments: Reduce running costs and increase collaboration 


SaaS (Software as a Service) is an innovative software usage model that is revolutionizing many different industry sectors. Indeed, a recent IDC Info Brief comments that “as Cloud consumes a greater portion of IT budgets, SaaS becomes the required model for business software”*.  

We’re all aware of SaaS subscription solutions like Dropbox, Netflix or Microsoft 365 for example, whereas CAD and PLM are not areas normally associated with SaaS. However, the situation is now changing rapidly in these domains too, as more and more businesses look for accessible, Cloud-based solutions.  Being able to access data in a communal, collaborative space is an absolute must both for company employees and also for improving their customers’ experience. 

Challenges faced by companies  

The COVID pandemic accelerated the development of Cloud-based solutions, as companies responded to the challenge of needing employees to work just as effectively in a remote environment.  

Another challenge often faced is when companies go through a corporate acquisition, inheriting legacy servers and systems from the acquired company. In the case of PLM this can be problematic, because PLM is by nature a very collaborative process, across multiple departments.  

SaaS for Design and Manufacturing environments – a powerful case

The SaaS model offers excellent flexibility and collaboration in a highly secure environment. Let’s take a look at the case for SaaS:

SaaS Conversions = moving from on-premise solution to Cloud-based solution 

DxP Services, an ITC Infotech brand, is PTC’s partner of choice for SaaS conversions of their Windchill© solution, converting customers from Windchill© to Windchill+© SaaS PLM solution. Customers come to DxP Services to make their existing on-premise solution available as a SaaS solution, with the added benefits of an innovative and constantly updated environment. Our team of trusted advisors make transitions as seamless as possible.  

“Everything you always wanted to know about SaaS” 

If this blog article has piqued your interest in SaaS and you would like to find out more about this innovative solution, you can find out more in this article:  

This blog article has been inspired by PTC’s recent Digital Transformation Podcast about SaaS, featuring Matteo Barbieri, who is Italy Country Manager and Southern Europe Market Lead at DxP Services. In conversation with PTC, he shared the multiple advantages of SaaS and why it’s a powerful solution for Small and Medium-sized companies as well as for large manufacturing companies. The full article link above is the English translation of the original podcast.  

The original podcast is in Italian and can be found here :

About the Author:

Matteo Barbieri is Italy Country Manager and Southern Europe Market Lead at DxP Services, an ITC Infotech brand. He is a passionate advocate for SaaS. 

Thank you to PTC for featuring us in the Digital Transformation Podcast Series. 

For more information: 

* The IDC brief can be found on the above PTC website page.  

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