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Digital Workplace is all about services revolving around the end-user, a framework which puts the users where they belong – right at the centre. With this “user first” approach, certain principles are framed that provide End User Computing Services. The end-user outlook provides the ultimate vantage point for very high user experience and satisfaction. We understand what it takes for the IT teams to strategize end-user centric services and get the most out of them despite modern-day service challenges, multi-vendor and multi-technology environment, and complex infrastructure and applications. Knowing just the what without the why is of no use, as almost all the toolsets and platforms part of Digital Workplace are easy to implement and manage in large and complex IT environments.

The end user, at the core, is equipped with an Intelligent Service Desk on the user interaction side, while pre-designed physical systems work with the user as an element of collaboration. The Delivery Management oversees the committed deliverables and the security feature ensures the data safety. Select team manages the service management platform and ensures service governance


Redefining SLAs to measure Experience Level Agreement (eXLA)

Secure and govern leveraging the industry best platform provided “as a Service” model

End-to-end service ownership and delivery

Team of skilled and certified professionals

Beyond just IT – End user Experience extended to other enterprise functions for greater adoption

Rapid deployments with Cloud enable platforms and customized knowledge base

Process Driven Service Management Approach

Proven track record of success and stability

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Digital Workplace E3 Framework

ITC Infotech’s E3 framework builds a strong foundation for the ‘Digital Workplace’. We deliver significant measurable impact through this differentiated framework to transform Employee Workplace Services. This framework comprises three aspects – Experience, Efficiency, and Effectiveness.

Experience: Identify User experience journeys through Value Stream Mapping

Focus on delivering delightful and enriching user experiences by deploying a team that is involved in research, design, delivery, and feedback incorporation of user journeys across self-service and automation initiatives, through value stream mapping. Once automated/implemented and deployed, the self-service experience and effectiveness are monitored and governed.

Efficiency: Drive Extreme Automation for efficient self-service experience and Shift Left

To deliver a delightful user experience, ITC Infotech brings in best-in-class self-service technologies that drive efficient operations not just for the end-users, but also for the IT support teams. The adoption of self-service technologies by the end users is accelerated by adoption and experience management initiatives by ITC Infotech and its partners that enhance the user experience and productivity while reducing the ticket count in the long run.

Effectiveness: Accelerate adoption for benefit realization 

ITC Infotech’s approach brings together strategic design thinking, continuous measurement, effective communication, and focused outcome-driven initiatives, to increase adoption of self-service by users and deliver enhanced user experience along the focused user journeys. In our experience, this has significantly improved the effectiveness of self-service/automation initiatives.

Our Core Design Principles

Simplified Operating Model

  • Single window clearance for increased user productivity 
  • Rapid deployment of modern cloud platforms 
  • Robust governance 

Single Pane Of Glass

  • Integrated reporting across eXLA, SLAs and KPIs
  • Enhanced visibility with real-time analytics 
  • Customized dashboards

Consumption Efficiency Based Model

  • Solution as a Service
  • Flexible and Scalable
  • Cost Efficiency : Channel effectiveness driven YoY price reduction

User Experience Focus 

  • Design thinking 
  • User journey mapping 
  • Persona-based AI use case design 

Invisible Support 

  • Proactive self-healing
  • Need based human support led by intelligence 
  • Faster turnaround time with insights

Extreme Automation

  • Integrated user touchpoints 
  • Proactive issue identification and resolution 
  • Automation and orchestration in the backend

Continuous Innovation

  • Dedicated factory models 
  • Joint setup of Co-innovation 
  • Committed PoCs integrated with the solution every year

Why ITC Infotech

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“We believe that “User Experience” has a direct connect to the user “Productivity” in an Enterprises. Most often the service level experiences (SLA) are the benchmark for user experience however that is not true reflection. We believe that the way to measure should be eXLA – “Experience Level Agreement” where the services are focused toward end user and are measurable and reported at all levels.  The Digital Workplace team focused on bringing ”User Experience” to life across all the work a user does in their day to day work at workplace while working from “Anywhere”

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