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Present-day challenges faced by financial institutions include a combination of ever-changing customer expectations, newer regulations, security, & privacy issues as well as competition from new age technology companies. All this has resulted in rising cost pressures, challenge in meeting profitability objectives, and a somewhat delayed response to business needs on account of operational and structural issues.

Keeping financial goals in mind, FI’s are now striving to be a key facilitator to their customer transactions either as their primary banker or silently in the background providing an ecosystem of engagement for their customers. We are also seeing Open Banking across regions to be a strong driver of engagement between established banks and the new age FinTech, thereby creating a win-win partnership for both. Broad level dimensions of internal change within FI’s include IT strategy, shifting expenditure patterns, culture-led newer operating model, and a much more evolved delivery model.

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The primary foundations that are helping banks build relationships and engage successfully with key stakeholders include:


  • modular architecture
  • personalized omnichannel experience on the back of data-driven insights
  • simplified and seamless processes leveraging intelligent automation
  • next-gen application services
  • culture of innovation driven by the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning


Financial institutions have successfully achieved the above objectives by partnering with technology service providers, that have domain experience, digital expertise, and agile execution skills.


ITC Infotech by virtue of servicing 100+ FI’s and having a practice of over 1500+ banking-certified consultants are helping clients execute transformation engagements. Our recent focus has been around areas of experience enablement services, data engineering including big data implementations, BI & data science, process automation, and other advanced technology implementation. We also take pride in having supported our clients in transforming their core systems, implementing third party packages, custom application development, providing API-based integration services, cloud services as well as End-user Computing Service (EUCaaS).

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Core transformation programs

Why ITC Infotech

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“Our BFS propositions over the years have broadly covered areas of data-led customer experience, automation, core system transformation & application support services across our reputed global financial services clients. While we continue to offer a wide range of technology services, our recent focus has been around providing propositions that include insights as a service, intelligent automation leveraging a digital workforce model, and automated application management services; all on the back of our renewed thrust on new-age technologies as well as by leveraging strong product partnerships. We aim to continue delivering business-friendly solutions to our clients while providing them with the flexibility that is critical in today’s environment.”


Our team at ITC Infotech constantly strives to learn more, serve better and update ourselves with the latest reforms in business.

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