Role of Technology in Revitalizing the Hospitality Industry

October 6, 2021


3.00 PM HK

12:30 PM IST, 8:00 AM UK,
9:00 AM SAST, 11:00 AM
Dubai, 5:00 PM Sydney

30 Minutes

Comprehensive Session

Explore how the industry is responding to the challenge

Technology plays an integral role in the hospitality industry. Our guests and businesses can benefit from technology optimization of communications, reservations, and guest services systems. Technology allows continuous enhancement of the guest experience, through modernization and innovation of their entire journey of stay.

In hospitality, technology used to be in a back seat. For an industry that has historically excelled and set the bar when it comes guest experience, technology is in the limelight.

Every hotel guest is highly active and mobile with technology use even before their stay. The future of the guest experience is based on the offerings from technology to keep them connected everywhere.

Join us on October 6, 2021, at 3 PM Hong Kong time for this interesting fireside chat, between Martin Bookallil, Vice President Information Technology APAC, Marriott International, and Sandeep Kumar, SVP & Head of Global Consulting at ITC Infotech where they will talk about the role of technology in revitalizing the Hospitality Industry.

Key Take-Aways :

  • Evolution of technology in the hospitality industry
  • How technology is impacting the guest experience
  • How technology is creating a differentiating experience
  • Regulatory impact and role of technology
  • Digital Technology in Food & Beverage

The Host

Sandeep Kumar - 2

Sandeep Kumar

Head, Business Consulting

Sandeep Kumar has over 24 years of management consulting and operations experience. He was the APAC consulting head at Infosys for their manufacturing vertical which gave him the exposure on scaling a consulting business across emerging markets. For the last 5 years, he has been instrumental in building and growing the consulting business for ITC Infotech to move up the value chain. He is an alumnus of NIT, Rourkela and IIM, Bangalore.

The Panelist

Martin Bookallil

VP Information Technology APAC at Marriott International

Martin Bookallil is an Australian Hospitality technology leader who, after graduating with a Swiss Diploma in Hotel Management, has been contributing to Global Hotel groups for 38 years.

Martin is the Continent leader, based in Hong Kong, as Vice President, Information Technology; Asia Pacific for Marriott International.

He oversees IT functions for 700+ managed Hotels/160+ franchise Hotels, 800+ pipeline Hotels, and 20+ Company-owned offices encompassing 1,100+ IT Associates operating in 25 countries. Martin is a member of HTNG, ENTJ type for Myer Briggs and Type A personality.


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