Automation & End User Computing – Transforming the Business

June 24, 2021


2.00 PM UK

9.00 AM EST, 3.00 PM SAST, 6.30 PM IST

30 Minutes

Comprehensive Session

Explore how the industry is responding to the challenge

The CIOs and IT leaders across the globe are facing the pressure of managing and addressing the technology and IT needs of the organization against the ever-existing challenge of reducing IT spend. CIOs in the current scenario also need to rethink how IT infrastructure services are delivered in a secured manner also looking at the aspect of data security. Security is a big consideration in the new world of accessing data from the outside.  The old world of connecting to data and systems from inside to outside has shifted 180 degrees to access data from outside in– especially after the pandemic has impacted global business.

To be able to strike a balance between the impediments created by legacy systems and leverage the advantages of new technology, the new model needs to ensure flexibility and agility. The constituents of this new model should be able to adapt to the fast-changing business needs. For this reason, there is a paradigm shift in End User Computing Services, such that they can address the growing consumerization and changing digital preferences.

Join us on June 24, 2021, at 2 PM UK time for an interesting conversation between Kulvinder Dosanjh – Group Director IT Service Delivery and Business Information Security Officer at BMI Group and Sujoy Chatterjee – Vice President, Infrastructure Services at ITC Infotech where they would be speaking on Automation in End User Computing and how it is transforming the various aspects within any business.

The discussion will cover:

  • The global trends and requirements
  • Different aspects of End User Computing
  • How AI is evolving EUC
  • Data security and its role in devising an IT/Infra strategy
  • Importance of having a collaborative approach
  • Future/Prediction of the role of automation in EUC for the MFG Industry

The Host

Sujoy Chatterjee

VP Infrastructure Services, ITC Infotech.

Sujoy Chatterjee is the Vice President at ITC INFOTECH. In his current role he is responsible to incubate new technology, alliances and build solutions in the IT Infrastructure space. He drives End User Computing services to global customers.

With his 25+ years of IT Industry experience, he helps organizations to re-look at the way the end user services are delivered and to transform these services to a user experience led delivery.

The Panelist

Kulvinder Dosanjh

Group Director IT Service Delivery and Business Information Security Officer (BISO)

Kulvinder Dosanjh is Group Director IT Service Delivery and Business Information Security Officer (BISO) at BMI Group. With over 20 years of experience, Kulvinder oversees client service delivery and internal global business operations.  He leads a global team of infrastructure, workplace services, enterprise system administration, and manages risk, governance & compliance for the BMI Group.  He drives strategic service delivery and thought leadership to provide a secure IT environment to the organization.

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