MES building foundation for Smart Factory , enables Process Standardization and Integration , Operations Benchmarking, Cost Reduction and Regulatory Compliance Enforcement

operational excellence through technology.


A leading CPG company with operations in six continents, 45+ manufacturing plants and products sold in 180 countries. Manufacturing excellence has been a way of life for them and new initiatives are rolled out regularly to improve plant performance and achieve operational excellence through technology.

Problem Statement:

The client’s 45+ manufacturing plants were a mix of manual and automated systems with different IT systems incurring high support and maintenance costs. Benchmarking of plant performance was an uphill task due to lack of common KPIs. The client wanted to embark on a vision of “Common systems, processes and information” enabled by a global MES program while ensuring 100% regulatory compliance.

Benefits Achieved:

The client achieved 10% improvement in efficiency and productivity, OEE improvement of 2% and 15% reduction in internal waste generation. Our MES solution helped establish a foundation for setting their Smart Factory and enabled key process standardization and integration, operations benchmarking, cost reduction and regulatory compliance enforcement.


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