Customer-Centric Retailing Accelerates with Platforms of Intelligence

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  • Rapidly changing customer behaviour
  • Lack of appropriate vision across different touchpoints
  • Lack of personalized customer engagement across a fragmented landscape
  • Data silos across the retail organization
  • Lack of satisfactory ROI on marketing spend
  • Extended conversion cycle affecting path to profit

Summary of the solution

ITC Infotech has developed an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning powered platform for retail marketers. It has the following benefits-

  • Zero CapEx, long-term OPEX model
  • Increment in business value with proven top-line and bottom-line impact
  • Reduction in implementation time leading to accelerated path to profit
  • Easy integration with solutions already being used by your business
  • Accurate prediction of customer behaviours with pre-built AI/ML data models
  • Improved recommendations to the customers with the help of intelligent insight centre
  • Swift redressal of customer grievances
  • Ensure sales lift through campaign execution across different platforms in real-time

What’s in it for you?

  • More than 7% increase in sales and 5% reduction in marketing cost
  • Easier to combine data derived from different streams, no more data silos
  • Availability of real-time insights
  • Taking better and intelligent business decisions
  • Enable personalization at scale


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