Rewriting Product and Customer Success with Manufacturing Platform Intelligence

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  • Lack of real-time visibility of manufacturing operations
  • Complexities due to increasing supply chain demand and equipment failure
  • Gaps in warehouse maintenance and consistency of quality checks
  • Lack of labour, production and quality reports
  • Complexities in packaging size and pantry loading
  • Difficulty in product portfolio optimization
  • Spoilage due to improper storage

Summary of the solution

ITC Infotech developed an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning based platform for CPG companies with the following benefits-

  • Automated workflows and predictive maintenance
  • Process optimization for energy management
  • Advanced visibility for better sourcing and procurement
  • Automated warehouse management with price optimization
  • Monitoring the performance of your product in real-time
  • Self-tuning AI/ML algorithms for the deployment of improved solutions
  • Using data lakes and interactive dashboards for fast-paced decision making

What’s in it for you?

ITC Infotech’s AI/ML-based platform helps you develop a stronger connection with your customers. They also improve your retailer relationships by making your supply chains more streamlined.


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