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Accelerating Airline’s Data and Analytics Journey with Prebuilt Components and Models

Prescriptive Recommendations
Prescriptive Recommendations

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models, the platform renders predictive and prescriptive insights that are contextually rich and intended to prevent the recurrence of any issues by providing early warnings. These models also provide suggestive recommendations for businesses to mitigate any risk beforehand which may appear over time.

Intelligent Data Models and Accelerators
Intelligent Data Models and Accelerators

Clearly defined 200+ KPIs and Airline Data Models in 20+ areas with pre-built and ready-to-deploy dashboard templates which enables faster decision-making. The data models and KPIs for dashboards are defined for areas like traveler experience, commercial, operations, operations – employees, sustainability, and competitiveness.

Modular Plug-and-Play Components
Modular Plug-and-Play Components

Eliminate siloed architectures, and build a lean and flexible IT ecosystem that supports fast-paced airline growth. Give your airline operations a facelift by maximizing insights capabilities at speed with our plug-and-play components that can be easily integrated into your prevailing technology environment.

Outcome-linked Commercial Model

Pay for results only Eliminate huge capital investments and embrace the swift, efficient, future-facing route to data-centricity with an outcome-linked OPEX delivery model. With the ‘pay-as-you-go’ approach, minimize risks associated with any upfront costs while experiencing top-notch flexibility and scalability in operations designed to suit your needs.

Deep Domain Expertise

15+ years of experience catering to 25+ aviation clients adding business value to airline customers across the globe with a focus on providing technology and digital solutions around loyalty and customer experience, data and analytics, intelligent automation, and predictive maintenance of assets.


Our Platforms of Intelligence for Digital Next Airlines

Traveler Experience and Loyalty

  • Deliver personalized traveler experience
  • Omnichannel engagement
  • Higher customer loyalty

Commercial Intelligence

  • Real-time view of your entire airline enterprise
  • Make better business decisions
  • Maximize revenue and profitability

Operations Intelligence

  • Predictive operations intelligence
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce turnaround time

POI Impact

The Platforms of Intelligence Accelerates the Business Value Realization

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Airline KPIs

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Faster Time to Value

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Reduction in Implementation Time


Here’s how ITC Infotech can help your business in optimizing your operations and bringing the reformations in technology.

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