Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing Sector

Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing Sector


Imagine the Factories of Future, it is now becoming reality by adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies. So learn how AI/ML is contributing for Manufacturing companies in their top line & bottom line growths.  The Industry 4.0 brings the last mile efficiency & performance beyond the traditional approach like MES, MOM, TPM, Lean & Six Sigma etc. This paper broadly covers How Industry 4.0 Journey is managed  today
a) Importance & opportunity
b) Elements of Industry 4.0
c) Manufacturing Use cases
d) How to approach & implement
e) Challenges and way forward.

What is in it?

Learn how digital infrastructures are being built for Industry 4.0 implementations like Automation & Instrumentation, OT-IT connectivity, Data Storage & Security systems, Data Analytics & Close loop control systems etc. Also a short brief on what’s the current industry trends and real use cases in practice. ITC Infotech provides a holistic & practitioner view on launch of Industry 4.0 journey, beginners must understand to lead their organizations into the future.


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