Seamless management of Multi Cloud environment

While most of the enterprises are in process of adopting Cloud first model, many who started their journey much ahead, are planning to reap the benefits of having different Hyperscalers in the market offering different advantages on their platforms with matured services. This is the driver to adopt a multi cloud strategy. They are utilizing a variety of cloud platforms in combination of hyperscale such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, VMware, while some of them continue to run certain mission critical applications on on-premises environment. The goal is to utilize more effective platform services by evaluating, doing POCs to pick & choose, what fits into their requirements, such as performance, efficiency, high-availability, cost optimization, ease of manageability, scalability, RPO / RTO, data loss prevention, meeting security and compliance requirements, while integrating advanced technologies.

Analysts predicted that by now, 75 percent of midsize and large organizations should have adopted a multi-cloud and/or hybrid IT strategy. While at one side this strategy presents several obvious benefits, on other side it increases complexities that can result in unproductive resources, poor cost management, regulatory risks & security concerns. Choosing the right multi-cloud management tool can take away these headaches, without compromising business goals, by adopting efficient and outcome-based model.

Hyperscalers recognize this need and provide their native tools. While such tools are useful, many may add more costs to achieve more granular control over infra services. Not surprisingly, enterprises are looking for solutions that provide comprehensive coverage of their needs and helps in multi and hybrid cloud management & governance. They are continuously hunting for such tools to manage IT Estate from a single interface:

  • Live monitoring of resources across providers and on-prem
  • Manage accounts and configurations across cloud environments
  • Setup quotas, thresholds, and workflow approvals
  • Provide comprehensive governance controls
  • Generate recommendations for cost optimization, handle overall spend and chargebacks Visibility into resource
  • usage, security and compliance and recommendations

There is a great need for such tools that can cut across cloud environments. This is clear from the fact that 78 percent of IT leaders say that they have limited visibility into cloud provisioning, cost, and security. The solution is a reliable integrated Cloud Management Platform (CMP) with the power to ensure that the enterprise leverages the full potential of its cloud investments and delivers projected ROI.

ITC Infotech provides a fully packaged CMP that not only meets the complex requirements of managing multi and hybrid cloud but is also customized to meet specific domain and business needs. Our automated solution comprises of CloudBolt and Azure Arc which can offer:

  • Simplified & Consistent management
  • Cost optimization & Recommendations
  • Centralized orchestration, provisioning, reporting and automation
  • Simplified security audits and compliance checks
  • Accelerate workload delivery through self-service IT

The outcome is reduced costs, improved resilience, flexibility, and security, with right control along with well architected deployment and accelerate multi-cloud adoption. The best part about our solution is our approach to provide simple, seamless, and easy deployment across the board


Deepak Kumar
Cloud Practice Head  

Abhishek Asija
Cloud Architect

Jay Prakash Shukla
Sr. Cloud Architect  


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