Responding to Supply Chain uncertainty with Strategic Agility and Intelligent Planning

May 8, 2020


06:30 PM ISD

3:00 SAST, 11:00 AEST

45 Minutes

Comprehensive Session

Explore how the industry is responding to the challenge

The unprecedented COVID-19 disruption is forcing supply chain leaders to redefine their global supply chains to be more resilient, reliable and ensure business continuity at optimal cost. The global supply chain leaders and planners are emphasizing the need for having an end-to-end visibility into their entire supply chain, to sense early warnings of risks and assess the impact of such disruptions on their supply chain at real time.

Recognizing this common need of most supply chain based industries, ITC Infotech has developed a “Intelligent Planning for Resilience” accelerator powered by Anaplan, the leading platform for connected planning, which focuses on supply chain risk and disruption management. The solution helps to sense the risks early, rapidly simulate and optimize scenarios across the network, assess financial impact and adapt the supply chain to withstand both localized or macro disruptions.

This session will help supply chain professionals understand how to identify the points-of-failure in the supply network, mitigate the risk/issues and build a robust and cost effective sourcing and allocation strategy using modern digital planning tools.

Discussion Points:

During the session, the panelists discussed on –

  • The need for supply chain resilience
  • Understand how to anticipate, model risks and impact on supply chain
  • Demonstration of how our solution, powered by Anaplan, can help you build resilient supply chains
  • Beyond Supply Chain: How can Connected Planning powered by Anaplan help you build a “truly resilient enterprise”

The Host

Indranil Das

VP – Industry Analytics, Digital Experience at ITC Infotech

Indranil is a seasoned digital CPG leader ,specializing in analytics oriented digital transformation with an aim to  enable businesses increase their “digital quotient” to stay continuously relevant and competitive ! Over the decade, he has been advising various clients across CPG, manufacturing , retail , hospitality , airline etc on a range of problem statements from – revenue growth , supply chain strategy , cost to serve , connected consumer , Trade transformation etc. Most of his work is focused on “application oriented analytics” to help firms unlock value from their data assets.

The Panelist

Bob Debicki

Sr. Director CPG & Retail Industry Go-To-Market, Anaplan

Bob Debicki is the Sr. Director of Anaplan’s Industry Go-To-Market for the CPG and Retails industries. Over his career, Bob has worked with many companies designing and commercializing industry-targeted solutions and helped CPG and Retail companies drive optimal business outcomes using information, analytics and technology.

Amit Paul

Senior Principal Consultant, Digital Experience and Intelligent Planning Competency Lead at ITC Infotech

Amit Paul is a Sr. Principal Consultant and Intelligent Planning competency leader for ITC Infotech’s Digital Experience service line. Throughout his career, Amit has helped leading global CPG, Manufacturing and Retail organizations.

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