How PLM professionals can drive Customers’ Digital Transformation Initiatives

May 26, 2022


5:00 PM IST

11:30 AM UTC

45 Minutes

Comprehensive Session

Product development is the key to future innovation. PLM helps to make the product development process more transparent and improve efficiencies. Planned PLM leads to more innovations, shorter product development cycles, time-to-market, and better determination of the status of new product development undertakings.

ITC Infotech deepens its 20-year alliance with PTC, creating one of the largest concentrations of product lifecycle management (PLM) experts in the industry with unparallel expertise to solve complex business problems in traditional PLM ecosystem and also drive Next-generation SaaS PLM initiatives for customers. This specialist talent pool in the industry with their unparallel expertise will solve complex business problems in the traditional PLM ecosystem and drive Next-generation SaaS PLM initiatives for customers.

Join us for an exciting and engaging discussion on Thursday, May 26, 2022, at 5 PM IST with Sundaresh Shankaran, President of Manufacturing & CPG, ITC Infotech, and Akhil Jain, Vice President – PLM, ITC Infotech to understand the skills and capabilities required for global opportunities in this sector.

Key Learnings:

  1. Learn from and interact with the acknowledged global PLM leaders
  2. Propel your career to the next level by working with PLM pioneers
  3. Contribute to the adoption of SaaS PLM in Industrial Manufacturing
  4. Create the future as a part of one of the largest PLM ecosystems
  5. Be a part of the Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

The Host

Akhil Jain

Vice President – PLM, ITC Infotech

Akhil Jain is the Vice President in ITC Infotech and heads the PLM Practice globally. He comes with 21+ years of Consulting and Implementation experience in PLM space and is passionate about leveraging PLM to its fullest potential by stitching Digital Thread and enabling Digital Continuity for various enterprises across the globe. He excels in connecting the dots to anticipate problems early, finding innovative solutions to clients’ problems, creating innovative business models to drive growth, penetrating new markets, and building deep client relationships. He comes with cross-industry expertise especially in Manufacturing, Retail, and CPG.

The Panelist

Sundaresh Shankaran

Head, Manufacturing & CPG

Sundaresh was one of the founding members mandated to setup and grow Engineering Services at Infosys. With 28+ years of experience spanning across strategy, delivery and operations, Sundaresh has led optimization of operations across the entire supply chain, enhanced customer experience, developed offerings leveraging technology advancements and setup robust competency frameworks. He spent 22+ years in Infosys in various leadership roles. He is an alumnus of NIT Mysore.


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