Using Bill Of Labor (BOL) in Retail (RFA) Product Development


As cost, quality and compliance become ever important in the highly competitive Retail industry, labor process standardization can be an area that retailers can explore to stay ahead of the curve. Although it accounts for a significant percentage of costs, yet labor process standardization remains a relatively unexplored area. If implemented properly it can be a key driver towards achieving consistency in cost and quality and meeting compliance objectives. To achieve this, the industry must bring more rigor to process identification, classification, and mapping from the product development stage itself. The Bill of Labor (BOL) functionality in PLM can be used to achieve the desired results.

What is in it?

There are methodologies that retailers can use to identify individual processes for standardization, cost reduction and predictability in product quality. These are discussed in the whitepaper along with ways to leverage PLM – now a widely used system by retailers to digitize product development – to drive standardization initiatives that improve business efficiencies, meet customer expectations and enhance business value.


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