RPA for ATM Management, Helpdesk, Claims processing & Dispute management, Debt Approval

RPA CoE for ATM Management, Helpdesk, Claims processing


The client is one of the largest banks in Saudi Arabia, having subsidiaries & affiliates operating in 8 countries.

Business Challenge:

Enable digital transformation by establishing RPA CoE as part of the organization-wide digital transformation initiative. Automation needs across ATM service desk, claims processing, debt approval processes, HR onboarding processes, and over 100+ other Financial, HR, and IT processes. The claim processing is manual, time intensive, prone to mistakes leading to errors, and slows down the claim cycle time and higher cost as the customer has 25 FTE to address the process within SLA timelines. Navigating multiple screens, dealing with multiple applications, transactions on mainframe applications, verifying within 30 minutes SLA 24×7, and more.

Benefits Achieved:  

ITC Infotech provided a comprehensive solution resulting in:

  • Faster executions and timely response; post bot implementation every job is completed in under 2 minutes as compared to 15 mins pre-implementation
  • Accuracy – Processing as per rules, no exceptions, or biases in the initial due diligence phase
  • Accurate fee computation and prior notification – reduced fee-related conflicts
  • Optimization of resources – Bots runs 7 days a week; no need to deploy human worker on weekends and holidays
  • 300x speed increase in loan application processing


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