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Customer journeys are not linear anymore. Their preferences and buying patterns are evolving. Reaching the customer with a distinguished value proposition is becoming harder for CPG companies as retail landscape becomes increasingly fragmented. The growing influence of convenience centered direct to customer (DTC) platforms pushes the boundaries further. The trade promotion spends deliver suboptimal outcomes with as much as 70% of it going straight to the retailers’ coffers. The ROI thus is dismal as the trade load is far removed from the consumer spending habits. The frequent  out of stock (OOS) incidents erode revenue and alienate consumers, giving competitors an easy lead.

ITC Infotech Solution

ITC Infotech brings a bespoke AI/ML powered intelligent platform to empower CPG leaders to build stronger consumer connect, mutually rewarding retailer relationship and streamlined supply chain. Our Platforms of Intelligence delivers consumer intelligence, trade intelligence and supply chain intelligence. The platform components are easily integrated to the CPG landscape, equipping them to reimagine customer buying pattern, retail businesses and supply chain management.

What’s in it for you?

ITC Infotech brings Platforms of Intelligence to deliver better visibility, increased ROI and improved sales for CPG industry.

We have delivered unmatched intelligence to the CPG companies with 2-5% margin improvement, 5-7% incremental sales and 10-15% potential cost saving.


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