You know what can help Indian businesses beat coronavirus? Bots

Published By: Quartz  |  Published On: April 9, 2020

As the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis unfolds around the world and in our communities, it will likely increase the demand for certain business services, while causing labour shortages for others. Call centres are overwhelmed because anxious consumers are looking for answers to response and impact of the virus or trying to change travel plans. This has resulted in long wait times and dropped connections, preventing callers from getting help when they need it most. At the same time, call centres are understaffed because agents have called in sick or are unequipped to work remotely.

Businesses now face two crises: unpredictable spikes in demand for services and the need to prepare for a possible economic recession. But one aspect remains crucial: How do organisations survive lockout and curfew situations. There are really three aspects to this.



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