Using an Intelligent Planning Platform to guarantee marketing success

We know that the quality of a decision is inversely proportional to the speed at which it is made. But marketing leaders in CPG are under pressure to deliver high quality decision-making without compromising the speed. This is because the business environment is changing rapidly and time is of the essence: Competition is moving fast to gain customer attention, customer behavior is becoming unpredictable, and product lifecycles are shrinking. 

Marketing and Trade Planning Needs to be Real-time and Data-Driven

By the time the organization works with distributors to collect data and plan a marketing and trade promotions campaign, markets have changed. The organization then puts its plans on hold while it comes up with better options. There is a need for systems that allow planning to be dynamic and execution to be fluid. ITC Infotech’s Intelligent Planning Platform for CPG organizations fills the gap. It enables high-impact near real-time data-driven planning that is focused, relevant, detailed, fluid and keeps the entire organization in synch with campaign goals.

Empower CPG Marketing Leaders with Intelligent Planning Platform 

The Intelligent Planning Platform serves as a digital nervous system to support marketing plans and execution. It tells marketing executive what to do, when to do it and why to do it. It can preempt markets by providing real-time visibility into what is happening in sales, marketing, trade promotion, schedules, volumes and the strategy of competition. Basically, it tracks and analyzes every parameter key to CPG CXOs.

It’s a Connected Platform: 

The system harmonizes processes across different parts of the organization that work together to deliver success. It keeps master data available to everyone such as distribution, marketing, communication, purchase, and finance, playing a pivotal role in converting information into plans. Its real-time dashboards assist in precise decision-making at velocity.

Enables Real-time Communication with Stakeholders

Success in fast-moving—and fast-changing campaigns—depends on the efficiency with which communication is maintained in real time with internal and external stakeholders, distributors and customers. The platform keeps the entire marketing ecosystem in synch.

Dynamic Planning, Execution and Decision Making

It is important to have plans defined and based on data. But it is equally important to have a system that can respond to change and manage quick course corrections. Our Intelligent Planning Platform allows teams to change decisions around everything, from volumes to SKUs and pricing. The system then provides the means to re-optimize the plan and follow through on the execution.

The world of CPG has been transformed over the last few years. Today, it has multiple ways to connect directly with the customer, collect an increasing amount of data and analyze it in real time. It now needs a system that can act flawlessly on the market signals. Our Intelligent Planning Platform is precisely that system. It supports high value planning and decision-making. It prompts and manages quick adjustments in execution. And it ensures that marketing dollars deliver target ROI.

ITC Infotech has implemented intelligent planning platform for Leading CPG Business. We implemented an Integrated Trade Marketing & Distribution Planning to Accelerated Speed to Market. To know more about our Intelligent Planning capabilities for CPG industry read our whitepaper “Intelligent Planning – The winning tool for CPG Business in the Digital Era


Debjit Banerjee
VP, Business Consulting,
ITC Infotech

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