How to lead and manage DevOps teams during times of remote working

July 2, 2020


08:30 PM ISD

5:00 SAST, 1:00 AEST

45 Minutes

Comprehensive Session

Explore how the industry is responding to the challenge

COVID-19 disrupted business as usual and pushed all of us to invoke Business Continuity Plan (BCP). One of the key aspects of BCP in Technology delivery has been to enable remote work and collaboration. As we all know, building and delivering technology has always been challenging, requiring frequent travel to customer locations. All of this changed in a short span of a few weeks and we all were forced to work from our homes.

This virtual connect session talks about how teams, who adopted DevOps practices, enabled technology delivery and how the future looks like for DevOps teams.

Discussion Points:

During the session, the panelists also discussed –

  • What has been the impact on technology delivery and operations due to COVID-19 disruption
  • How does DevOps enable remote work
  • How DevOps is evolving in Banking Technology
  • How decentralized and distributed teams are benefiting from DevOps
  • What we envision future for Technology Delivery

The Host

Mr. Deepesh Dhapola

General Manager – Cloud & DevOps, ITC Infotech

Deepesh heads DevOps CoE at ITC Infotech. Over the past few years he has been leading product engineering services at ITC Infotechto deliver technology products.

The Panelist

Mr. Freddy Mahhumane

Head of DevOps, ABSA Group

Freddy is a passionate and proven IT Leader with more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry. A renown leadership strategist and conference speaker with an entrepreneurial spirit. Freddy’s leadership has helped create a mark for various technology companies, published by the Sunday Times, IOL, HTXT, Germany, ITWeb and currently the Head Of DevOps for ABSA South Africa.


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