A more connected, stable, intelligent, agile and scalable supply chain network will help retailers counter intense competitive pressures and market dynamics. To fully leverage the potential of Digital technologies, Retailers need to create digital supply chains through intricate network designs.

Retailers’ partner with ITC Infotech to leverage our powerful modeling approach to Supply Chain Network Optimization. We incorporate concise, goal-based metrics to improve end-to-end supply chain costs – including purchase, production, warehousing, inventory and transportation.

Business Challenges

  • Optimization of network strategies including facility location evaluation, vendor sourcing decisions, asset rationalization and flow path analysis
  • Optimization of supply chain network post mergers and acquisitions, and analysis of the degree of cross dock, hub, spoke and direct to market
  • Identification of demand-supply imbalance, strategize operations and product planning to impact capacity, costs and service levels
  • Optimization of inventory strategy, cycle stock and safety stock and identifying trade-offs
  • Transportation model selection and asset utilization
    Simulations of production and supplier delays, quality analysis and variability impacts

Solution Overview

ITC Infotech’s strategic network optimization determines unique configurations for the supply chain that offers the lowest total cost while achieving targeted service levels. Our solution is based on demand planning and executes according to tenures, synchronizing facilities and its role and processes – deliver optimized customer experiences.

  • Time phased inventory plan including inventory optimization, distribution, sales and operations planning
  • Planning and predictions to design supply chain, and road map for implementing process improvements
  • Profitability impact analysis to balance evolving demand-supply ratio and meet monthly demand
  • Production scheduling, strategizing transportation and promotion planning


  • Detailed inventory plan to strategize production, reduce COGS and timely realignment of capacities
  • Increased contribution, vendor sourcing and allocation, and reduction in primary freight costs
  • Optimized raw materials and finished goods flow

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