Clients across mill industries partner with ITC Infotech to create an efficient supply chain, optimize plant & asset operations, and enhance customer retention. Our Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) on SAP for Mill Products and our ‘SAP IS Mill in a Box’ solutions enable our clients gain faster time to value.

Business Challenges

Companies in the Mills sector –from pulp and paper, building products, textiles, metals, plastics, cement and concrete to mining – need to meet demands of increasing competitive pressure, amidst shrinking profit margins and changing regulatory companies.

Companies require an integrated ERP system to be able to efficiently plan and model complex production challenges, while standardizing product attributes like thickness, width, length, tensile strength, opacity and brightness, which vary across production cycles.

The industry also faces challenges with operating concerns including rising operational costs, industry consolidation and competition from new niche players – leading to a growing demand for intelligent information systems.

Solution Overview

ITC Infotech’s ‘SAP IS Mill in a box’ is a pre-configured, comprehensive and adaptable SAP ERP solution specifically for the Mills industry. This RDS solution integrates commercial, manufacturing and financial processes based on SAP Best Practices. This solution provides the client with a pre-configured system with complete documentation that includes:

  • Scenario flowcharts
  • Scenario overviews
  • Business process documents
  • Configuration guide
  • Training manuals
  • Test scripts
  • Pre-configuration
  • Pre-configuration settings
  • Master data templates
  • Automation tools
  • Pre-configured outputs
  • Predefined user roles


  • Reduced time-to-market: Move products to market faster, obtain profitable orders, and attract and retain customers
  • Improved supply chain planning: Collaborate with all partners in the supply chain and optimize the allocation of human resources, production materials, and delivery resources
  • Enhanced procurement: Optimize global sourcing strategies and automate, monitor and control procurement
  • Order management and execution: Meet demand in a well-coordinated and flexible manner, react quickly to production problems, and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Customer service: Provide better customer support, efficiently resolve complaints and claims
  • Enterprise management and support: Improve all core enterprise activities in analytics, financials, human capital management, corporate services, and operations support

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