Warehouse and supply chains are prone to inefficiencies, arising from human errors and mismanaged warehouse space, along with product identification and location issues during shipping. Such issues routinely result in business losses – revenue and reputation.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech to improve process efficiencies, productivity and profitability. ITC Infotech’s Automated Warehouse Processes solution, simplifies transport, storage and inventory management of pallets. It aids effective and speedy management of inventory while maintaining high levels of data collection accuracy. Mobility integration provides real-time updates while the ability to integrate with organization-wide ERP and CMS systems helps maintain consistent records.

Business Challenges

Companies are struggling to increase productivity and improve efficiency, both at the back-end and the store-front. Handling of materials is often plagued by manual errors that result in loss of time, effort and revenues.

Reducing instances of such errors will improve time-to-market and also provide an extra selling-window in stores – further reducing lost sales arising from stock-out situations. Better inventory velocity also helps improve the in-store experience, resulting in happier customers and enhanced customer experiences.

Real-time and mobility-enhanced automated systems that integrate with existing processes such as Seibel systems and other loyalty programs can exponentially reduce time taken to process inventory. Seamless integration of resources and processes also improves the response time and reliability of process execution.

Solution Overview

Our solution enables seamless integration of inward and outward information-exchange with existing ERP systems. We Offer an end-to-end solution, combining RFID enablement at an item level with custom designed and developed tunnel-conveyer systems that can monitor both inward and outward movement at warehouses. POS automation with RFID enabled item-recognition is another solution feature that helps with faster inventory processing.

Our solution also assists clients in equipment and tag selection, with automation driving process efficiencies by employing methods such as entire pallets being read at once as opposed to the one-by-one traditional scan functionality.

Faster and accurate identification of tagged items enables a seamless enterprise system link, helping maximize warehouse efficiency through technology-driven process control.


The Solution encapsulates all the critical workflow dependencies — identification, automation, integration and mobility. Process improvements driven by our solution delivers greater overall visibility and better management decision capability.

  • 85% reduction in inward and outward times
  • Up to 50% reduction in POS billing times, leading to vastly improved customer satisfaction levels
  • Lesser product damage due to reduced material handling
  • Reduction in stock errors and multiplying labor productivity by 8 to 9 times
  • Improved time-to-market with up to 7 days extra selling window
  • Minimal errors and seamless ERP integration

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