Product Development Tracker: Historical Vs Predictive


In the world of Fast Fashion time is of essence. Objective decision making based on timely insights into development delays can go a long way to reduce bottlenecks and ensure efficient process to facilitate on-time delivery. Using AI to predict potential issues based on past performance can help provide the much needed foresight to build the required agility.

What is in it for you?

Calendar is an inherent part of any Product Development process. With the ever demanding schedules and the need to optimize deliveries, process delays are to be avoided at all costs. As a result, businesses need to be on top of their development schedule and address issues as early as possible. The traditional Calendars are not of much use since they provide “after the event” information, when the need to get “future insights”. This paper discusses the possible use of AI to enable “predictive” Calendars and the manner in which it can address the process variables to achieve the desired results.


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