PLM Roadmapping: The Key to a Value-Based Transformation

PLM Roadmapping: The Key to a Value-Based Transformation


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a critical approach for managing products throughout their entire lifecycle, from inception to disposal. It is especially significant for manufacturing companies as it streamlines product development, enhances collaboration, improves efficiency, and ensures better quality control and regulatory compliance. A holistic PLM solution consists of one or more major connected systems.

PLM Roadmapping involves creating, controlling, and continuously adapting a strategic plan for implementing, extending, and optimizing PLM. PLM Roadmapping ensures that value is maximized in three dimensions: The improvement, extension, and broader roll-out of PLM; the introduction of new capabilities to realize a Digital Thread along all product lifecycle phases; and the modernization of the IT landscape, including conversion to Cloud/SaaS.

What’s in it for you?

At DxP Services, we offer value to customers throughout their entire PLM journey. Our PLM Roadmapping methodology focuses on fast, sustainable value, is based on agile principles, and tailored to customer-specific needs. Our methodology covers all aspects of PLM Roadmapping, including Value Management, Enterprise Architecture Management, Roadmap Management, and Program Management.

Our methodology applies to both greenfield and brownfield implementations. For greenfield projects, we develop a comprehensive plan from scratch. For brownfield projects, we transform existing PLM solutions by identifying gaps and pain points and extending the solution in a structured way.


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