Intelligent Planning and Execution – A Differentiated Approach

Intelligent Planning and Execution – A Differentiated Approach whitepaper


Multiple global trends are driving disruptions, thus creating challenges and opportunities for enterprises. In the present world we live in, enterprises not only need to constantly compete and win but also find ways to find sustainable business growth at healthy profitability without compromising on liquidity. Reliability, Responsiveness, and Agility of Business Processes are of paramount importance than ever before. Businesses should be able to take relevant decisions which are factual and timely. Thus, coherent and collaborative planning with a budgeting framework to manage performance distilled for the specific enterprise is the need of the hour.

What is in it?

The “Intelligent Planning and Execution – A Differentiated Approach” discusses the purpose of the Planning and Budgeting process and how an effective one contributes towards the success of the organization.

It then reflects on the dysfunctional practices many enterprises indulge in, followed by what are the leading industry practices and how they bring in value for the organization. It also accentuates the efficacy of the “Leading Practices” through an illustrative process of “Intelligent Business Planning.” Further deliberating on “ITC Infotech’s Intelligent Planning and Execution Practice and Implementation Approach.” Towards the end, it explains one such use case how “Intelligent Planning and Execution” can be practiced and effective for a Constraint-Based Planning Scenario.


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