How To Improve User Experience By Switching To eXLA


Are your employees wasting time while they wait for the IT teams to fix their problems on devices or applications, or when they search for information in the enterprise systems? The wait can result in a frustrating productivity loss and add up to huge numbers – just 100 tickets logged every day with an average wait time for resolution of 20 minutes works out to over ~500 man days lost every year! This happens because organizations depend on old school SLAs. Switching to Experience Level Agreements (eXLA) can solve the problem.

What is in it?

Wait time for the IT teams to fix device and application glitches are driven by set SLAs. Regardless of whether the SLA is met or not, there is a resulting loss of productivity. This paper discusses how you can change that through a “User First” approach that replace old school SLAs with Experience Level Agreements (eXLA) and it provides insights into the value you can unlock with eXLA.


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