Model Based Enterprise Solutions for Digital Engineering


Engineers spend a greater amount of time maintaining documents, making drawings and editing those manually created designs. This reduces the lead time from production to delivery of the product.

ITC Infotech Advantage

Our model-based enterprise solutions comprise of MBD Modeling with PMI, MBD model transformation for 3D printing, validating TDPs, Virtual validation etc. Our clients have successfully used these solutions to their advantage. For instance, an Oil and Gas Major upstream work aimed to create a 3D PMI model and its associated information that fully define the product. The Digital engineering solutions provide multiple benefits like reduction in efforts of designers and manufacturing engineers, Direct 3D models to rapid prototyping, Direct 3D models to engineering analysis, generation of technical manuals directly from 3D model data etc.

What is in it for you?

Businesses can take the help of these expert designed solutions to save their time in 2D drawing creation. This will help them to reduce the time taken and costs incurred. Additionally, 3D models help reduce non-conformance issues compared to 2D drawings


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