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Agriculture is a significant contributor to India’s GDP, but even today, farmers have to face several setbacks while harvesting crops. The primary among them are:

  • The lack of appropriate knowledge about plowing, seeds, irrigation, protection against diseases, harvesting, etc.
  • The non-availability of technical tools which prevent the promotion of sustainable farming practices
  • Lack of knowledge about managing investments and getting the right price for a yield

ITC Infotech Solution

ITC Infotech developed a digital farmer engagement platform for providing customized advice to farmers. It comes with the following benefits –

  • Easy connection and link between several apps on the platform
  • Geo-location integration through which farmers can efficiently map their land
  • Interactive user interface
  • Support for multiple languages
  • No-code configuration that makes updating data on the app easier
  • Self-service modules allow farmers to work around the app on their own once guided by field assistants
  • Seeking guidance from experts on various crop and cultivation related problems

What’s in it for you?

  • A mobile interface for farmers and agronomists, a web admin console for system admins, and a cloud-based platform for managing mobile interfaces
  • Enabling best farming practices for sustainable growth and better prices


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