ITC Infotech Strengthens Collaboration with PTC

Launches Digital Solutions Innoruption Center and ThingWorx Co-Innovation Lab

ITC Infotech will accelerate market expansion by building distinctive solution on PTC Product Platforms

ITC Infotech, a global-scale, full-service provider of technology solutions and a fully-owned subsidiary of ITC Ltd, today announced the launch of its Digital Solutions Innoruption Center and the ThingWorx® Co-Innovation Lab in collaboration with PTC, a global provider of technology platforms and solutions that transform how companies create, operate, and service products. Through this launch, ITC Infotech and PTC will strengthen their longstanding collaboration to deliver advanced digital solutions designed to unlock business value across various industry settings, accelerated by the rapid convergence of the physical and digital worlds.

The Digital Solutions Innoruption Center, supporting PTC products and markets, is an extension of ITC Infotech’s Innoruption Labs. This center will focus on building proof of concepts, developing solutions based on a portfolio of PTC products, and benchmarking other complementary and competing technologies. The ThingWorx Co-Innovation Lab will focus on building easy-to-implement solutions based on the ThingWorx platform, bringing value to customers, and supporting PTC and ITC Infotech go-to-market teams globally. This expansion of the collaboration is intended to help clients of both companies capitalize on the digital era by enabling clients to unravel and create larger business value with PTC products. The PTC product set, including ThingWorx, supports clients to quickly transform the way they engage with their customers and align their business operations. The center and the lab will be the foundation for ITC Infotech to help customers overcome challenges of integration of digital technologies across their enterprise value chain. Target industries include manufacturing, retail and consumer products, product development, and supply chain and service management.

“The launch of the solutions center and lab is a testament to ITC Infotech’s commitment to providing support, value, and service to customers in their digital transformation journey. We look forward to continuing our integrated and trusted collaboration with ITC Infotech to focus on accelerating the adoption of digital technologies and integration of those technologies with physical things using solutions based on the ThingWorx IoT platform,” said Jean-Pierre Tirault, Senior Vice President, Global Services, PTC.

Sushma Rajagopalan, MD and CEO of ITC Infotech stated, “We continue to expand our investments and footprint in digital technology and solutions. Continuing our alignment with PTC products and technology is an integral part of our growth strategy in the digital marketplace.” 

Commenting on the launch,  V. Sreenivasan, President, ITC Infotech said,” The launch of this Co-Innovation Lab in collaboration with PTC is a leap forward in our efforts to ensure the best-in-class solutions for our clients. We will strive to address our clients’ business challenges by capitalizing on the digital revolution through innovative products and solutions developed at these facilities. It has been an exciting 16-year long journey with PTC with unified focus in the market place helping clients thrive in this digital era.”

ITC Infotech’s Senior Vice President and Senior Global Client Partner-PTC, Srinivas Kanthadi, said, “ITC Infotech is uniquely positioned to deliver solutions across PTC focused market settings and help clients of both firms ride the “Digital Tsunami” that is engulfing industries and societies. Quoting experts from World Economic Forum, he said, “what used to be done in 20 days can be done in 20 minutes in the digital age, we are preparing to equip our customers with relevant solutions that will make them competitive.”       

Through these new facilities, ITC Infotech and PTC are focused on unlocking the enormous business potential presented by the convergence of physical and digital worlds in industry settings such as retail, factories, health care, homes, and smart cities. For instance, in the retail sector, ITC Infotech intends to design and deliver affordable solutions to clients to develop products faster, provide visibility to wide-spread supply chains, and empower customers with superior customer experience. ITC Infotech is expanding its investments to developing industry focused solutions with the addition of the Digital Solutions Innoruption Center and the ThingWorx Co-Innovation Lab.

ThingWorx is a registered trademark of PTC Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

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