ITC Infotech featured in HFS Market Analysis of Enterprise AI Products 2020 report

Published By: HFS Research  |  Published On: September 3, 2020

ITC Infotech recognized as a global customer-centric player specializing in providing business-friendly solutions to amplify outcomes by deploying intelligence at scale

Bengaluru, September 01, 2020
– ITC Infotech, a leading global technology services & solutions provider and a wholly owned subsidiary of ITC Ltd, today announced that the Company has been recognized in the HFS Market Analysis of Enterprise AI Products 2020 report for its platform-agnostic AI products that have been successfully deployed by multiple global clients across large scale projects, delivering real business impact. ITC Infotech has been identified as a global customer-centric player specializing in providing business-friendly solutions to amplify outcomes by deploying intelligence at scale.

The HFS Market Analysis of Enterprise AI Products 2020 report examines the role that major service providers play in the evolving AI landscape, from an applied technology perspective. HFS Research analyzed the enterprise AI products capabilities of 17 leading service providers – across their strengths, development opportunities, and provider facts.

According to Tanmoy Mondal, Senior Analyst at HFS Research, “Service providers are on the front lines of emerging technology trends helping  their clients determine the use cases, requirements, and how to best harness the power of emerging tech often creating solution capabilities not available as off-the-shelf products. ITC Infotech’s deep domain expertise and relentless focus on effective customer journeys helps them develop business-centric AI products that enable enterprises to realize business outcomes via tailored solutions.”

ITC Infotech believes that AI is a key foundational capability for the operations of a truly digital and intelligent enterprise. With clients increasingly expecting service providers to help them quickly ideate, design and pilot solutions as part of their journey of scaling AI initiatives, the company is cognizant of its responsibility to provide the infrastructure, tools and resources that will help them adopt and scale AI capabilities rapidly. ITC Infotech also helps clients jumpstart and fast-track their AI journey through its investments in reusable code, tech frameworks and best practices.

“We have created significantly differentiated business-led approach to AI. Our AI strategy centers around rapid enablement of our clients. Hence, we approach it from the perspective of providing platform-agnostic Business-friendly Solutions which amplify outcomes by unleashing intelligence at scale,” said Debasish Chatterjee, Senior Vice President – Digital Experience, at ITC Infotech.  “Our pragmatic business centric AI solutions are based on clients’ priorities and technology preferences. This brings deep industry domain insights to leverage AI solutions targeting specific business KPIs.”

In the field of AI and data engineering, customization is critical and a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not deliver significant business outcomes for enterprises. Hence, ITC Infotech’s approach is flexible to adopting algorithms, leading technologies, architectures, delivery and commercial models that integrate in the client’s landscape.

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