Accelerating Digital Transformation with MES in Post COVID-19 Era

Transformation in the manufacturing sector has been largely driven by development and availability of digital technology in the pre-COVID-19 era, and the journey is expected to accelerate in the coming years. The role of IT in manufacturing is set to increase in order to address the challenges arising from the pandemic (remote monitoring, social distancing on shop floor, remote assistance etc.) in addition to accelerating value enhancement around efficiency, flexibility, resilience and profitability. The analyst, consulting and business communities remain positive about the amplified role of IT in shaping the manufacturing shop floors.

As per Mckinsey & Company report, companies with critical capabilities such as manufacturing-execution systems, IT/OT stacks, and data marts or data lakes may speed ahead while organizations lacking these prerequisites may delay implementation until they are able to build the foundation or find the required financial muscle to invest.

Manufacturing Execution System has been the backbone of transformation in manufacturing industry and is expected to grow from US $11.9 billion in 2020 to US $14.9 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 4.5% from 2020 to 2025, as per latest report published by Markets & Markets.

In Conversation with

Darragh Byrne, Senior Alliances Executive, EuroNorth Dassault Systèmes , and Sundaresh Shankaran , Head – Product 4.0, ITC Infotech talk about how they collaborate to deliver significant value to clients globally, addressing different business contexts and complexities to enable Product 4.0.

Excerpts from the discussion:

“We embarked on a Global Manufacturing Execution System on Apriso, which we were able to successfully implement, bringing a lot of business value outcome, in terms of: improvement in OEE, productivity, reduction in manpower, improvement in the wastage that used to come because of the product integrity, better control on inventory and various aspects like that on a global scale.”

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Nitin Kalothia, Associate Partner, Business Consulting Group, ITC Infotech engages in a rich discussion with Darragh Byrne, Senior Alliances Executive, EuroNorth Dassault Systèmes, on the challenges faced by the manufacturing sector due to Covid-19, the new ways of working, IT investment to drive innovation, etc.

Excerpts from the discussion:

“The role of IT will focus significantly on solving business and operational problems, creating value for customers by improving internal systems and processes, and lastly drive innovation and continuous improvements in the manufacturing sector.”

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Key Industry Trends & Insights

  • Cloud-based MES is gaining higher acceptance because of its competence and total cost of ownership advantage over the on-premise MES implementation. Availability of secure cloud has improved the confidence of organizations to invest in Cloud-based MES and reap the benefits – Click to read
  • MES is driving continuous improvement & operational excellence: Organizations are leveraging MES to configure workflows related to traditional manufacturing systems to strengthen the processes
    • Autoliv uses MES to drive Lean Manufacturing & Autoliv Production system in its factories
      Autoliv success story – Click to read | Click to view
    • AGC drives continuous process improvement initiatives using MES – Click to read

Expert's Perspective On MES For The Future

Sundaresh Shankaran

President & Global
Head – Product 4.0, ITC Infotech

With the increasing trend of customers demanding customized products, manufacturers are responding with Smart factories that are intelligent, autonomous and decentralized. This is enabled by rapid advancement and deployment of technologies such as Advanced Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, Cloud Computing, etc. MES will evolve with these shifts in manufacturing and will continue to play a significant role in running factories efficiently.

MES Xpress: New Offering by ITC Infotech

ITC Infotech MES Xpress built on Dassault Systémes DELMIA® Applications is an out-of-the-box solution that enables faster implementation and optimizes the initial investment. The modular design helps in function specific deployment and solution extension in future. The pre-configured templates are built on industry best practices that help organizations improve process efficiency and effectiveness. MES Xpress helps companies fast track their digital transformation journey while minimizing the risk associated with large scale MES programs.


Analyst Mention

Pareekh Jain

Founder and Lead Analyst,

Incremental MES: Strategy for Stepwise ROI in MES Implementation Programs

“Manufacturers should not delay their MES programs due to lack of funds or time. They can start their MES journey with the incremental MES strategy and lay the foundation for Industry 4.0.”

Four Criteria for Selecting an MES Implementation Partner for a Successful Industry 4.0 Journey

“Enterprises should consider MES implementation as an essential step for Industry 4.0 and select an MES implementation specialist diligently. Successful MES implementation will require best practices derived from industry knowledge, product experience, business outcome, and technology integration.”


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