Emerging Technologies

Our Innovation Lab is unique. It constantly aligns itself with advances in technology and changing trends to identify technologies for research based on their impact and the business value they create. The Innovation Lab adapts itself to demands from clients. At the moment, our clients are keen on research focused on what we call the ABCDs of Digital Transformation:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Bots
  • Conversational Systems
  • Drones


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR):

AR and VR deliver immersive experiences by overlaying digital information on real objects (AR) and by simulating environments and objects (VR). Our research engineers utilize the capabilities of AR and VR to create new and innovative use cases in the fields of Augmented Product Catalogues, Augmented Sales and Marketing, Virtual Training, Augmented Training, Assisted Augmented Quality Inspection, Augmented  Maintenance Support, Virtual Digital Twins, etc. and developed using platforms like PTC Vuforia, Unity, AR Core, AR Kit, Easy AR, and Wikitude. The solutions are designed for use across an array of devices ranging from smartphones, tablets to VR headsets including Microsoft HoloLens, Samsung Gear VR, and HTC VIVE, etc. Some industry-specific solutions from the lab include:

  • Engine Assembly Virtual Training on Head Sets for use by auto manufacturers to train technicians on assembly and maintenance
  • Elevator Maintenance Assistance Mixed Reality Application on Microsoft HoloLens for technicians at customer locations
  • Quality Inspection Assistance AR Application on Tablets that support quality assurance engineers for product inspection by selecting checkpoints and verifying them one by one until completion of the inspection and submission of reports
  • Augmented Product Catalogue on Smart Phones and Tablets that assists in visualizing products by placing them in planes including floors, tables, etc., before customers choose the right products for their home and office
  • Indoor Navigation AR on Smart Phones and Tablets for use by hotel guests, customers of large retail stores and airline passengers, etc. The application allows users to choose the destination and get walking directions by scanning marker tiles
  • Remote Assistance AR Application for Field Forces on Smart Phones and Tablets that connects technicians with experts in remote locations, shares camera views and gets assistance in AR view to rectify issues
  • Credit Card Comparison and Card Spend Analysis AR Application on Smart Phones designed for bank customers to compare credit card benefits offered by the bank and choose the most appropriate one. The application allows users to scan their card and get a spend analysis on their smartphones
  • Industrial Product Design Review AR Application on Smart Phones and Tablets for use by teams to create different designs, apply them on plain product samples like cans, bottles, etc., and review the applied design, exchange review comments, and version control of the designs before finalizing production
  • FlavAR – CPG Products Flavour/Variant Application on Smart Phones that overcomes the problem of explaining product variants on packets by allowing the user to scan a packet of any flavor and get details of all variants in AR view, allowing customers to choose the flavor that suits them best



Bots are intelligent digital assistants that support humans. Our Scan bot supports the digital transformation of our clients. It scans paper documents and segregates them based on categories/types and uploads them to a document management system like SharePoint. Multiple documents of different kinds can be kept together and scanned using any standard multi-page document scanner. Scan bot retrieves information from the scanned documents and adds metadata before saving the documents—this allows efficient searching for the documents.


Conversational Systems:

Conversational Systems (made up of chatbots and voice bots) help us to interact with digital systems using natural language. Users can converse with the system and the system provides consistent and accurate responses. These bots augment human resources (and can replace them as well), provide 24×7 support, and deliver a personalized experience to end-users. Conversational Systems help reduce costs, improve availability and capacity, reduce response time, ensure consistency, and act as an effective tool to boost user engagement and satisfaction.

  • Digital HR Buddy is our conversational platform that performs repetitive work across roles. It can scale easily while improving the productivity of human colleagues. Digital HR Buddy can handle queries on HR Policies, Leave Management, Travel Queries, etc. Web and mobile versions are available for any-where, any-time deployment.
  • Travel Bot is our solution that helps airlines chat with flyers. Flyers get a virtual assistant that can text back or talk to them, answer questions, and provide guidance in travel planning. The solution embeds AI and NLP for fast, accurate, and intelligent interactions. This solution available on a website or can be integrated with third-party apps like Skype, Messenger, Slack, and Twilio.
  • Amazon Alexa-based Conversational Systems allow our clients and their end customers to converse with enterprise systems using Alex’s natural language capabilities to get information such as flight timings, fare, ticket bookings, tourism information, production information, sales updates, menu updates and foods ordering in restaurants, etc.



Drones are becoming an integral component in the digital transformation journey of businesses. ITC Infotech has addressed innovative use cases applicable for industries like Agriculture, Oil and Gas, etc., and delivered applications for early adoption. Drone-based crop monitoring, drone-based remote surveillance, pipe leak detection in remote areas are some solutions originated from the lab.

  • A drone-based crop monitoring solution uses imaging techniques and AI to derive insights and provide recommendations to farmers.
  • A drone-based remote surveillance solution improves security measures, especially in remote locations where employing humans is un-economical.
  • A drone-based pipe leak detection solution captures images of pipes in remote locations and uses AI to alert technicians to leakages.

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