Intelligent Planning & Execution

Trade spend happens to be the second-largest line item in the CPG P&L today, representing almost 17-25% of the gross revenue. But the greater concern for most CPG’s lies in the fact that – over the last 5 years, the rate of growth of trade spend has far outpaced the corresponding sales growth!

Misalignment between trade planning & retail execution is often the primary reason behind this phenomenon. A significant part of the market opportunities identified as part of the trade planning process goes unrealized because of this glaring misalignment.

Following are some of the key reasons why this tends to happen:

Recognizing the gravity of this trade marketing problem, we at ITC Infotech have evolved a robust “intelligent planning and execution” framework along with our platform partners. This capability aims to seamlessly integrate trade planning with retail execution and bolster it further by providing in-line contextual insight to the front-line workers, enabling an aligned and flawless execution of their trade strategy.

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