Supply Chain Leadership Forum


March 5, 2018


Warsaw, Poland


3 Days

ITC Infotech participated in Supply Chain Leadership Forum, Warsaw, Poland. Supply chain leaders from industry-shaping brands came together to share and learn new ways to control the present and create the future at the Supply Chain Leadership Forum, Warsaw, Poland.

In today’s new age business environment where digitization has disrupted industries, companies are forced to look at adapting and improving their existing supply chain. The power to move quickly, be flexible, capitalize on new innovations and respond to digital disruptions has become a game-changer in the new dynamic world.

With the inclusion of mobility, industrial internet and cloud coupled Industry 4.0 framework; ITC Infotech’s Digital Supply Chain practice continues to achieve transformational results for clients. A perfected mix of digitaligence, industry best practices and the latest supply chain solutions, has helped reduce manufacturing lead times, increase asset utilization, streamline processes and facilitate a better collaboration with partners and suppliers.

Harness the power of next gen technologies to create a high performance supply chain enabled by digitaligence@work with ITC Infotech.

Our agile, intelligent and intuitive supply chain which includes the following offerings:

  • Network Design & Optimization
  • Analytics & Visibility
  • IoT Enabled Supply Chain Monitoring

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Warsaw, Poland


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