5th Annual CEM & Customer Loyalty MENA Summit


November 20, 2018




2 Days

ITC Infotech was a Gold Sponsor at the 5th Annual CEM & Customer Loyalty MENA Summit.

Customers today are empowered with connectivity, numerous options and comfort. They demand a more relevant experience and switch brands at the drop of a hat. So businesses need to fundamentally change the way they engage with customers across channels, delivering a consistent and superior experience throughout the customer journey.

The need of the hour is a defined and actionable enterprise customer experience strategy that drives a renewed focus on customer acquisition, retention and centricity. Given each and every customer interaction delivers a brand experience, ITC Infotech’s suite of CX Services & Solutions enables our clients to redefine Customer Experience.

ITC Infotech Expert SessionSession Title: Connect, Interact & Engage: Building Brand Advocacy through Cross Channel Customer Experience

An abstract:

  • Research indicates that 73% customers expect a more relevant experience! Learn how you can make it happen.
  • This session will highlight different use cases and scenarios of how actionable insights can provide a strong foundation to better understand different customer segments and enhance Customer Experience.
  • Learn how to create customer connects, design relevant interactions and engage continuously to deliver a consistent and enhanced experience across every touch point.

Built on a strong foundation of domain depth and technology experience we have enabled some of the largest corporations in the world to derive value from their CRM and Customer Experience initiatives. Our expertise spans across Retail, Airlines, Hospitality, BFSI, Travel, and CPG industries; straddling leading technology platforms.
ITC Infotech’s core expertise is reflected in our solutions in the Loyalty Management, Marketing Automation, Experience Design, Connected Service, headless Commerce, omni-channel enablement and Mobility Solution areas.

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