Better user productivity relies on an effective support system. This directly impacts ROI over the application’s lifecycle. Degradation occurs from a lack of appropriate maintenance of the product development environment.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech to achieve enhanced value from their extended PLM investments – through our unique mix of technical and consulting support. Our extensive expertise and cross domain experience of working with some of the world’s leading organizations on complex global PLM, ALM and SLM engagements helps us deliver end-user support, main application maintenance, proactive technological support and enhancements that significantly improve user adoption.

Delivering Results

Clients work with ITC Infotech for technical and consulting support across areas:

Custom Application Maintenance

  • Lack of support for customized applications
  • Administration and maintenance requirement of client’s extended PLM system
  • Cost effective services on ongoing needs for small but critical productivity enhancements

Business and Application Dynamics

  • Varying business cycles necessitate faster response to scale up and down support needs
  • Increasing global footprint for organizations require 24X7 support

Proactive Intervention

  • Proactive interventions along with reactive support to reduce TCO
  • Proactive health check and interventions on extended PLM infrastructure

User Adoption

  • End users often require multiple crash course and trainings on the new application
  • Limited support adversely impacts adoption and limits usage of new systems

Appropriate Skills

  • Complexity of extended PLM landscape requires varied specialized skills
  • Increasing cost of in-house resources
  • Need for knowledge upgrade to stay ahead

ITC Infotech helps clients upgrade to the latest product development, requirements management or service information management platform and realign their systems to new business requirements, while ensuring successful migration of preexisting large, complex data and processes.

Our data migration frameworks consist of a proven approach with 200+ predefined tools and process templates to enable faster and risk-free migration.

Migration Assessment

We help analyze current environment comprising data, configuration or customization, hardware and software compatibility, future scalability needs and recommend right-fit strategies including timeline, risk and mitigation plan for upgrade and migration.

Data Reorganization

We execute process and product data reorganization in the case of merger, acquisition or a divestiture where systems and data need to be reorganized with common standard processes.

Data Migration Across PTC Windchill Instances

We enable data migration from multiple sites (instances) to one instance of PTC Windchill.

Migration from Source System to PTC’s Suite of Products – PLM, ALM and SLM

We enable upgrade and migration from legacy and disparate system to PTC’s suite of products — for example:

  • From eMatrix, SMARTEAM, ENOVIA, Agile, or TeamCenter to PTC’s Windchill PLM including Pro or Intralink migration
  • From legacy or other PLM to PTC FlexPLM
  • From legacy or other ALM to PTC Integrity
  • From legacy or other SLM to service and parts information solution

CAD Data Migration

We enable migration of legacy CAD data and other CAD data into the new environment.

Business Benefits

  • Provide end-user adoption support while monitoring application and infrastructure lifecycles
  • Specialized support team to introduce enhancements, ensuring best-in-class performance
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Enable process improvements with key enhancements on customization and workflows while creating a seamless environment
  • Enable businesses to switch to product development faster
  • Gain necessary maintenance and support to deal with changing market demands
  • Ensure uninterrupted running of applications and processes
  • Automate application maintenance and monitoring
  • Infrastructure and database support for all work streams and environments

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