Cloud Management has different meanings for different audiences. At ITC Infotech, we believe that Multi-Cloud is a reality and the management of on-premise private and multiple public clouds in the customer environment is evolving. We offer customers a universal Cloud Management Platform that includes integrated capabilities such as govern, manage and automate to handle multiple cloud environments from a single pane of glass.

Multi Cloud Management

Delivering Results

ITC Infotech offers a self-service portal that enables customers to create user-focused cloud applications consisting of any combination of cloud resources. This portal provides an easy-to-use catalog of applications that can be launched by users in an organization with the limits and constraints that have been designed into the applications.

ITC Infotech’s cost management and optimization solution enables enterprises to optimize cloud costs. This also ensures the ongoing efficient use of cloud resources across all of their business units and Hybrid Cloud accounts. Our Cost Visibility and Analytics, provides deep insights into Cloud spend based on the cloud accounts, departments, and cloud resources. This helps organizations to visualize spends to uncover inefficiency and take action to reduce waste.

Business Benefits

Partnering with ITC Infotech enables businesses to manage multiple cloud accounts and simplify their cloud journey.  They can:

  • Seamlessly access and manage a multi-cloud environment
  • Enable customers to manage users to access their hybrid cloud environments
  • Create user-focused cloud applications irrespective of cloud resources combinations.
  • Gain deep insights into cloud spend based on the cloud accounts, departments, and cloud resources
  • Ensure ongoing efficient use of cloud resources

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