User centricity, seamless cross-departmental collaboration, reduced operational costs, improved ROI and above all, exemplary customer service – the demands placed on IT Service Management today are phenomenal to say the least. On top of that, efficiency and accuracy are expected at every turn. RPA comes across as the right solution to achieve all of this.

Most of the ITSM tasks are repetitive in nature, 40% to be precise as per Gartner. Opening & updating tickets, employee onboarding as well as change and configuration management are just some of them. It is a domain perfect for automation. Here are some of the areas in which ITC Infotech’s RPA solutions can help:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Application management
  • Risk management
  • Storage and database management
  • Services and solution management

Our RPA solutions make ITSM more responsive and efficient by shortening the service response time.

Delivering Results

ITC Infotech takes pride in the fact that enterprises the world over rely on us for unmanned IT Service Management. We empower organizations to respond more efficiently to alerts and incidents, while keeping the costs low and freeing up the workforce. Our services make way for organizational workforce to focus on tasks that require a human touch such as cognitive reasoning, empathy and creativity.

Our highly adaptive RPA framework facilitates implementation without the need for structural changes in the enterprise IT. Its non-invasive nature means it can be laid over existing systems easily. For businesses, RPA translates into power to do more with less.

Business Benefits

  • Timely resolution of issues raised by the workforce & SLA adherence
  • High degree of reliability with 24/7 support & service delivery to users
  • Enhanced productivity with no room for errors & reduction of human effort
  • Reduction in IT provisioning cycle & consequent cuts in operational costs
  • Improved record keeping, asset tracking & decision logging for compliance
  • Cut in data entry discrepancies & errors across organizational processes

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