RPA is a very powerful automation tool, which, if leveraged for the right processes, delivers exceptional business value. The challenge before organizations is identifying processes for automation. Usually, they embark on the automation journey by picking up the most common automatable processes but lose steam down the road. The process discovery exercise can help organizations in identifying the right automation candidates.

Business Need

5 things to do prior to EPS:

  1. Stakeholder mapping: Identify business processes, process owners and users of the departments whose processes are to be analyzed.
  2. Process Discovery Template: Share the template with the business users to capture process details and SOPs.
  3. Process Discovery Plan: Identify the tasks and expected business representations with interaction duration.
  4. Proximity: Conduct the process discovery workshops at the client location.
  5. Outcome: Clearly showcase the outcome and output of the process discovery phase.

Elaborate and list the key challenges faced by customers / users / stakeholders in the industry

Our Solutions

Our intuitive solution helps identify and choose processes that can be automated to yield high RoI. Running a scan that spans the entire enterprise covering all departments, business functions and roles, it identifies repeatable, structured, rule-based and non-cognitive processes that are potential automation candidates.

EPS – our proven process discovery methodology and tool – facilitates organizations to conduct process discovery and prioritization. Some of the key artefacts are ‘Automation Opportunity Matrix’, ‘Process roadmap’ and ‘Complexity’ of processes.

Business Benefits

The key benefits of the EPS methodology:

  • Tool based
  • Easy to use
  • Configurable for all types of industries
  • Automated complexity calculator

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