Manufacturing is a sector that already enjoys the fruits of automation when it comes to assembly lines but back-office processes continue to remain precluded by its benefits. Procurement, inventory management, and customer communication are some of the areas that can benefit from automation and RPA is a technology that fits the bill best.

Streamlining operations can lead to high degree of efficiency and result in high cost savings for the sector. Moreover, regulations pertaining to waste management, safety, and finance demand a high degree of compliance, something that RPA can achieve seamlessly. Here’s a brief insight into areas in which our RPA solutions can play a role:

  • Production planning
  • Material handling and management
  • Product line assembly
  • Inspection and quality management
  • Administration and reporting

Our automation solutions bring cost effectiveness to production management.

Delivering Results

ITC Infotech has successfully transformed processes for some of the biggest names in the manufacturing sector around the globe, driving cost savings across a wide range of value touchpoints. Bill of materials, administration and reporting, customer support and service, logistical data, ERP – our automation solutions cover myriad processes.

The benefits we bring our partners through automation includes reduction in inventory waste, timely data availability, real-time reporting, regulatory compliance, and elimination of manual errors. Most importantly, our RPA solutions make way for uninterrupted flow of work by augmenting human efforts and eliminating mundanity.

Business Benefits

  • Improved inventory management through reduction of waste & cycle time
  • Ready availability of data for downstream manufacturing processes
  • Streamlined processes with automated notifications & operational log reporting
  • Easy compliance through automation of audits and quick regulatory updates
  • Reduction of manual errors & reporting anomalies through automation
  • Smooth communication across the full range of vendors & suppliers

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