Taking AMS to the new level with automation

Globalized businesses face unique challenge(s) posed by the scattered regions and customized mode of operations to maintain their applications. These businesses are forced to leverage a vast and diverse variety of talent and technologies to support their business applications, inadvertently ending up with hundreds of applications maintained by scores of vendors. Constant change(s) to applications & tech stack will throw continuous challenges. Even upgrading a simple meal ticket application can end up into a war room situation. This is especially true of businesses such as those in Food & Beverages or CPG space or other large entities at various global regions with mix of legacy and modern technology. These industries have complex supply chains and widely spread manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution hubs and retail partners.

Automation” is the way forward into traditional application maintenance and support (AMS) and take it to a new level of support. With one critical decision to automate AMS, businesses can minimize or eliminate teasing tech problems and stay focused in their business. Importantly, the decision delivers cost reduction, it consolidates fragmented operations, eliminates process gaps, and maximize productivity. Even better, the decision comes with a bonus: By focusing on automation, businesses can continue with their existing applications and processes without sacrificing user experience.

Automated AMS (AAMS) is an ITC Infotech solution based on decades of AMS experience in the F&B, retail, manufacturing, BFSI and the travel and hospitality industries. AAMS is a quantifiable and customizable approach that comes with guaranteed increase in Net Promoter Scope (NPS), resource(s) optimization and cost reduction based on client base. Much to the relief of CTOs, AAMS also has the power to eliminate the dependence on vendors, unleashing flexibility.

ITC Infotech’s AAMS offering is focused on improving three key vectors: Customer Experience (via an emphasis on self-service), Operations Optimization (to impact efficiency) and business value services (increased effectiveness) with strong experience SLA’s (XSLA’s) which are beyond regular SLA’s. Experience SLA’s can only be offered by providers with strong domain expertise, efficient service model and automation complimenting each other.

Using highly sophisticated domain-centric playbooks, knowledge repositories, accelerators, application optimization techniques, and self-healing bots. The solution deploys customizable Integrated Design and Development Platform (IDDP), a feature of the AAMS offering, that eases the application build and release process as self-service function.

With IDDP, clients can release applications with over >95% confidence and replace their weekend release schedules with any-time-of-week three-hour release plans. Clients can also leverage a large portfolio of assets and solutions around application optimization, co-Innovation, cloud native applications, and more.

The AAMS portfolio offers customized services around:

  • Accelerated Transformation
    • SAFe agile AMS transition
    • Co-innovation charter
    • Cloud native application transformation
    • Application optimization
  • Operational Efficiencies
    • Automation led shift-left approach
    • AI-based resolutions and recommendations
    • User persona-based BOT assistance
    • Transparency through business metrics dashboard
  • Customer Experience
    • Self-service and self-healing
    • Process and knowledge assistants
  • Business Resilience
    • Business metrics-led support services
    • Tool based application assessments and insights
    • Incidence avoidance through monitoring and AI

A feature of the AAMS that our clients like—aside from the IDDP, Chatbots, and more—is the Customer Value Realization. This is a dashboard that extracts learnings from monitoring the existing applications. It helps answer questions like, “Who uses application & which function? When is it used? what is the value realized?” This analysis allows clients to determine and introduce new features while retiring those that have outlived their relevance.

However, the feature that tilts clients into choosing our expertise is that the automation provides an accelerated start, allowing us to acquire and shape data from legacy systems (such as those that may be in use for supply chain functions) and pump them into modern downstream mobile applications, portals or other digital platforms.

Bundled with features that make AMS simple and cost-effective, AAMS is the logical future for businesses that need to constantly improve their applications across sites, generating value for managements for the investments made in maintaining applications.

Co-authored by:

Ashok MVN
Technology Partner – ADM
ITC Infotech

Divyadarshan Jannu
Solutions Lead
ITC Infotech


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