Connected Fleet Management- IoT and Analytics

As networks jumped several Gs and inched towards 4G connectivity and beyond, a world of new opportunities was thrown open. Connected Fleet Management is one such opportunity and it brings a competitive edge to businesses by transforming logistics. There is nothing new about use of technology such as GPS in connected fleets. The change? Ability to collect data from vehicles aiding real-time decision-making.

What is Connected Fleet Management?

In a truly connected fleet, vehicles are fitted with tracking components, usually a combination of GPS and IoT sensors. These devices collect data pertaining to vehicles, traffic, driving conditions, etc., and transmit it via telecommunication-satellite network to the cloud. This data is then sent to a dashboard accessible to fleet managers.   

Why Connected Fleet Management?

Optimized operations and increased productivity are high on the priority list of every organization. Connected fleet management ensures faster delivery to customers at lower costs. Most importantly, it streamlines the entire system in which large fleets and multiple locations are involved, reducing transportation risks and cutting fuel consumption as well as time.

Use of Analytics

IoT devices generate a flood of data. If accessed unfiltered, the sheer amount can be quite overwhelming for the fleet manager, let alone making any business sense out of it. This is where analytics comes into picture. Filtering data and presenting it in the context of the users requirements through a convenient dashboard – that’s what analytics does.

Here are a few benefits:

  • Complete control over fleet operations at any point of time.
  • Competitive advantage gained by faster delivery and reduced costs
  • Increased productivity owing to better route planning and resource utilization. 
  • Enhanced safety resulting from effective monitoring of driver behavior and vehicle performance.

Importance of Effective Dashboards

Dashboards that limit themselves to after-the-fact reports do little. Data that reaches the end user must be transformed into actionable insights. For instance, a dashboard that does not stop at merely displaying the traffic data display but goes further, suggesting the fastest and most fuel-efficient route. Control is another aspect. Imagine a scenario where a vehicle simply will not start unless the driver has secured himself with a seatbelt. Of course, insightful solutions like these demand a blend of mechanical and digital engineering expertise but more importantly, an innovative approach that stems from industry experience.

What next?

The IoT fleet management market is all set to reach a whopping $16 billion by 2025. Leaders across industries are looking for intelligent, integrated solutions capable of route management and tracking along with dashboard analytics to make decision-making precise. ITC Infotech works closely with its global clientele to solve their oft-reported issues that hinder growth. We bring mobility into picture making anywhere, anytime action backed by real-time alerts and advanced reports possible. In essence, we bring discipline to logistical operations.

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