Businesses suffer due to the lack of a solution that strategizes resource management, wherein maximizing productivity and reducing wastage are important growth drivers.

Clients across industries partner with ITC Infotech to create an intelligent system capable of fleet tracking and route management – with dashboard analytics for enhanced decision making capabilities. With our solution, clients get a better perspective of their business and the ability to rectify regularly reported issues that hold back company growth. We help drive efficiencies by deploying industry-leading mobile and web technologies with GPS tracking and mobility for both people and vehicle-tracking requirements.

ITC Infotech’s Resource Monitoring Solution

Business Challenges

The transportation and logistics industry lacks visibility of their fleet’s real-time status, location and history and hence is not able to coordinate field engineers and assets. Manual methods of tracking total distance traveled by vehicles do not provide real-time visibility – which impacts effective resource management.

Solution Overview

ITC Infotech’s resource management solution is created to meet the specific demands of the transportation and logistics industry – providing asset and sales force monitoring and management capabilities to clients.

Our solution ensures representatives reach their target, cover selected areas and deliver consignments to the designated retail outlets or specific addresses. The solution encompasses fixed or portable GPS-based tracking of vehicles, handheld device-based tracking of sales force, customized access to the online application, route management, mobile-app-based tracking and reporting, alerts as well as data analytics with advanced reports.


  • Web and mobile-based real-time tracking of vehicles, assets and field engineers
  • Comprehensive visibility of the overall fleet, enabling effective scheduling
  • Better route and time management, with effective delivery management enabled by detailed analytics
  • Higher adherence to pre-decided routes
  • Increased revenues from efficient transportation methods
  • Control on driving discipline and field engineer movement
  • Better utilization and communication of fleet and field force
  • Greater discipline in operations through real-time tracking of vehicles through GPS-based solution

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