PTC’s New Aggressive SaaS Plan: Sell a Portion of Services Business to ITC and Buy ALM Company Intland for $280 Million

Published By: Engineering  |  Published On: April 22, 2022

The story focuses on the expansion of PTC’s 20-year alliance with ITC Infotech, with the groups combining their PLM professional service experts to create a new business unit, DxP Services, to help accelerate customers’ SaaS adoption. The story also talks about the new agreement with ITC Infotech which will allow PTC to realign its own professional services experts to a unique thought leadership role in the industry in enabling digital transformation and cloud-based SaaS for industrial companies across engineering, manufacturing and service.


Beware of fraudulent and fake job offers

It has come to our attention that certain employment agencies and individuals are asking people for money in exchange for a job at ITC Infotech.

Such Agencies/individuals could impersonate ITC Infotech's officers, use the company name/logo, brand names and images illegally, without authorization, and/or try to extract money towards security deposit, documentation processing fees, training fees, and so on.

Please note that ITC Infotech never asks job applicants or members of the public to pay money in any form while recruiting.

Feel free to reach out to us at to report any such incidents that you may have experienced, please use the subject line “Recruitment Fraud Alert” in your message.

Always exercise caution and stay protected against fraud:

  • Do not pay money or transfer funds to anyone toward securing an ITC Infotech job. ITC Infotech will not accept liability for any losses that may have been suffered by the victims of such fraudulent activities.
  • Be careful when sharing your personal information and protect yourself from potential damage. Do not engage with people who fraudulently misrepresent ITC Infotech or its employees/officers and try to solicit payments under the pretext of offering jobs.
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